F.AR - Augmented Reality App for Museums

The f.ar app uses augmented reality technology that can bring objects to life or provide information about the items a person is viewing. Unlike virtual reality technology, the f.ar app does not require the use of a headset, which makes it much more flexible and cost effective for both the provider and user.

Once a user has downloaded the free app on their mobile phone or tablet device, they simply hold their device up to a ‘target’ and watch it come to life or access additional information. The target can be an object, an image, a video or even an audio file.

A database of targets is built for each specific museum or gallery so it is relevant to each individual collection. It also allows additional collection items to be viewed, via the f.ar app, over and above those physically on display in the gallery environment.

The f.ar app provides visitors with a far richer experience through increased interaction with a museum of gallery collection. It can tell a story in a way that other technology cannot.

With nearly all (94%*) of the UK adult population owning a mobile phone, and most (76%*) owning a smartphone, this is a technology that is relevant and immediately accessible. The f.ar app is free to download and so there is no additional cost to the user – something that can act as a barrier for some app based technologies.

In addition, the app can be fully branded for each organisation, providing a seamless visitor experience with the app being self-contained and an integral part of their visit.

Field can either build the database on behalf of the museum or gallery, or the museum or gallery team can add targets and content via a simple cloud based content management system.

*Q1 2017 Ofcom research fast facts ‘landline and mobile statistics’

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New Case Study



STRATA AR has been designed by Field Design in Sheffeld in conjunction with Experience Barnsley in order to further expand on the content for the exhibition ‘STRATA: Structures, Transformation and Solidarity’ by artists Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan.

Via the use of the app, users can project 3D content onto specific targets throughout the exhibition, adding another level of depth to their experience. The targets can also be downloaded and printed at home, allowing users to scan and engage with the exhibition elsewhere.

The exhibition is currently open at Experience Barnsley, where anybody can download the app to explore 3D projections throughout the space.

Updates Roadmap

December 2017

f.ar is ready to deploy for museums interested in working with our software on existing projects.

f.ar Beta will be available for download for iOS from the App Store.

January 2018

f.ar Strata Edition goes live on iOS and Android App Stores in conjunction with the exhibition ‘STRATA: Structures, Transformation and Solidarity’ at Experience Barnsley

April 2018

Universal Cloud based CMS will be ready for subscription based customers.

Solutions and Options

There currently two models for f.ar in development:

Option 1 – Bespoke Offering

f.ar Field will work directly with your museum or gallery to come up with a bespoke solution, helping you generate and organise the digital augmented content. This will involve field / f.ar working closely with your team to create a seamless experience with the app being a fully branded, self-contained app. The f.ar App will be free to all museum and gallery visitors and easy to download.

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Option 2 – Cloud Based CMS

Our cloud based CMS, allows your team to work with a simple content management system to add targets and content to your museum without the need for intrusive hardware or the need for an expensive graphic makeover. This option will work on a subscription model and will be available in April 2018.

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Field Angels

Our 2017 Christmas Card from Field used f.ar to project 3D angels onto printed targets.
Download the app and a target below and try for yourself.

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