F.AR - Augmented Reality App for Museums

f.ar (Field Augmented Reality) has been developed to allow museum visitors to access more of a museum or galleries’ collection. In addition to this the App opens up contextualised content online.

The App recognises images or scenarios within your collections and exhibits and draws on your database of additional content. The content can be many things, a 3D model, audio, video or and image. These will appear on your screen and will be placed within the museum or gallery environment.

If you would like to register your interest or enquire about the app for use in your museum.

Updates Roadmap

December 2017

f.ar is ready to deploy for museums interested in working with our software on existing projects.

f.ar Beta will be available for download for iOS from the App Store.

January 2018

f.ar Android Beta App will be available for download

April 2018

Universal Cloud based CMS will be ready for subscription based customers.

Solutions and Options

There currently two models for f.ar in development:

Option 1 – Bespoke Offering

f.ar Field will work directly with your museum or gallery to come up with a bespoke solution, helping you generate and organise the digital augmented content. This will involve field / f.ar working closely with your team to create a seamless experience with the app being a fully branded, self-contained app. The f.ar App will be free to all museum and gallery visitors and easy to download.

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Option 2 – Cloud Based CMS

Our cloud based CMS, allows your team to work with a simple content management system to add targets and content to your museum without the need for intrusive hardware or the need for an expensive graphic makeover. This option will work on a subscription model and will be available in April 2018.

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Case Studies

(coming early 2018)